Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Confession: I Miss My Congregation Today

The process of letting go of what was Eikon is just that - a process. And some days it hits you unexpectedly, in seemingly innocent moments. I don't know what those moments have been for others, but I'm sure they have happened. This morning, it was prompted by glancing at an article on learning styles:
Chances are, there are tons of doodlers in your congregation. And wanderers, ponderers, frantic note takers and artists as well. People learn in drastically different ways, yet most church services are set up for auditory learners - those who learn by hearing.
At Eikon, not only did we honor different learning styles, we honored different teaching styles - from the graphic designers to the mystics to the academics - we all engaged one another from our paticular strengths and styles. My comfort zone (though I certainly used other styles, as well) was captured by my friend Don:

That's really all this post was for - to create a space to be vulnerable for a moment. To admit "I miss this," even while acknowledging "we made the decision we had to make as a community." I want to continue to hold that space, to allow others from the community to exist in that tension between looking back & moving forward, and to know they are not alone.

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  1. And who can forget "Instagram as worship posture"?