Saturday, December 31, 2016

Take Time

I had planned to be on the road by now.

I had planned, but now I was delayed. Sipping coffee and ironing hems and waiting for the last load of laundry to finish in the washer so I could make my way to the shower, I should have been on the road by now. But I was relaxed. There was plenty of time, despite the plan.

I woke up at a fairly decent time. I could have made due. I could would have had only a slight delay. But I looked at Facebook timeline and was reminded how much I adore Mayda del Valle and how much I needed her words and fire in my life. So, I laid in bed, listening to an hour or so’s worth of poetry.

I finally rolled off my mattress on the floor in a half (or less) renovated home and made my way to the happy side of the house, the side with dishes and couches and color and light and life. I turned the lights on the Christmas tree before any other lights were granted such a courtesy. I reviewed lists and timelines in my head. 

I did not feel stress or anxiety, which was against my nature. 

I started my morning. 

I revised my day.

The words of Mr. Murry in A Wrinkle in Time whispered, “We must not be afraid to take time.”

I decided to take time.

I decided to take time on the last day of the year, and not rush headlong into the promise of newness.

I looked at my unfinished house, and I knew that this too would take time. And I would need to allow it to be so, and help it become what it will be. And when people come here, they will not feel rushed or anxious, but they will hang their plans by the door, kick off their worries in the entry way, and curl up in patience, and rest and being.

After all, it was taking time that I allowed me to buy this home in the first place.

And I felt a push of the moment to do something I had set aside for a bit in my hurry to get everything as it should be as quickly as I could; I felt the push to write. 

So, I set aside my morning for a bit longer. 

And I put words to paper.

And now, to get that shower.

Now, to get on the road already.

"Said woman take it slow, and things will be just fine. All we need is just a little patience." ~ Guns 'N Roses